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Indulge your truest desires. Even the ones you didn't know you had. Until now.

Floating On Secrets


Addie loves to let her muscles, tense from bartending, relax in the flotation tank, while she has visions that one night grow increasingly erotic about an idealized man lighting up all her senses: until she realizes that a real hand is petting her hair. She gasps and raises up, salt stinging her eyes; a hand covers her mouth. Shhh.

His muscles slide against her. Who is he? Does she know him? Does he know her? He places her finger slowly in his mouth, the most intimate moment of her life. He pushes her away toward the back of the tank and he escapes. All she sees are his arms grabbing his clothes before he runs naked into the suburban Indiana neighborhood.

Not long after, the sound of sirens, knocking on the door, and Officer Bradley asking if she's seen anyone suspicious.

NA Romance with Neo-Psych Rock, sensory deprivation tank, twenty-three/twenty-four year old couple, mysterious mistaken identities, expansive intimacy, aching longing and rollicking sexy times.



Miriam is a standby in the most famous performance troupe in England. So if the star, Susan, her doppleganger, is unable to act, Miriam takes her place on stage. Dune, Susan's husband, is the troupe's hypnotist, convincing the standbys that they really are the actors they shadow. When the curtain lowers after the encore, the post-hypnotic suggestion lifts. Dune whisks Miriam away before the curtain hits the ground and takes her to an isolated castle full of secrets on the moors.

Miriam and her friend Colin have just that day discovered the sexual spark between them. But just as suddenly, they are torn asunder. He has no idea what happened to his friend. He only knows Susan has been reported on the news to be missing.

Esoteric practices, arcane figures, true secret history of occult propaganda, British castle, woman-in-jepardy, rousing Thriller climax, grand love story of sacrifice and determination. First person POV, female POV only, in the Gothic tradition. Book III in The Agents of the Nevermind psychological suspense series about the heroism of exposing social engineering. HEA.

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