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Who am I?

I grew up in rural Indiana in a wildlife sanctuary and have lived all over, often living in the wilderness, finally settling in Berkeley, California.

My novel Glossolalia: Psychological Suspense won the Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for Intrigue.

I love to dance.

L had a great time making comedy videos and fun avant-garde music with Alabama friends.

Was immersed in a wide variety of roles in the visual arts scene. One solo show traveled the Spanish Levant for years.

I enjoy circulating attention between my body and a partner's; being able to see auras makes this practice more gorgeous than fireworks.

MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop, with hundreds of stories in magazines and anthologies. Various publishers released my books and I also have published many authors. Have taught writing for fourteen years. Edit people's manuscripts.

Camped widely.

I study the international implementation of propaganda, which makes its way into Encore. If the occult/secret societies/intelligence agency juncture intrigues you, check out the other psychological suspense novels.


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