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Buried in Lies

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The author of the Gothic New Adult Floating on Secrets, which won the silver medal for Romance at eLit Book Awards, raises a prequel that goes wild. Uncage yourself.


Jennifer’s psychology professor has a gorgeous son. Sitting in front of her, in psychology class. Ted.


As long as she can stay in the course despite suffering an undiagnosed learning disability, she has a chance with Ted. So, she cheats. The impressed professor recommends her for an award. Now what?


Honesty means everything to Ted.


He’s sure his father is lying to him about something important. Ted’s committed to finding out the truth. He needs someone he can trust. Someone honest to help solve the mystery. Obviously, not Jennifer.


A blizzard throws Ted and Jennifer together naked into the answers. Tame civilization will never be the same for them. Can they break its constraints?


Will their discovery claw everyone apart?


Buried on Secrets will free your animal self.

This 45,000-word standalone New Adult campus Romance is meant for any 18+ age or gender. 

It's no wonder Flair, in Floating on Secrets, is so in-law averse that she's closed to meeting a husband. Look at what her sister went through with her partner's parents. This prequel about Flair's sister Jennifer and Ted will be available soon to introduce you to the Montgomery family.

"A creative novel with an intriguing mystery and excellent humor that keeps the readers turning pages to enjoy Jennifer and Ted’s inner voices. This novel also unearths deep questions about humanity, our connection with nature,  and why we live our lives the way we do."—Ashterrix

"I can honestly say that your concepts and ideas remain among some of the most interesting, unique, unexpected, and unforgettable that I’ve read. This book ends definitely nowhere near where I thought this story would be going, and I absolutely loved the journey." --Amanda Ryan

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