Mar 18, 2018

Grand Canyon Visit


The grand canyon is very popular among frequent travelers and tourist, but I still have no idea about what it takes to embark on a journey to the grand canyon, who got some ideas here and willing to share.

Mar 19, 2018

The grand canyon is a lovely place to visit. You would see the wonderful nature of the irregular landscape. To add to that, you would need a chopper to give you an exciting view of the landscape. All the services you need is made available by companies you can contact with a simple search online.

Tantra Bensko
Mar 25, 2018

I resisted liking it for a long time because it was so popular, but once I saw it, I loved it, of course. I feel a great kinship with the desert, especially rocky, especially red and contorted. I've spent a lot of time living in such places. Once, I was driving past the Grand Canyon and had to pull in because of the snow. It was closed right after, and I was stuck at that one spot for days in my car. Extremes of discomfort and gorgeousness.

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