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Let's Enjoy Life Together!

Exploding Like Liquid Fireworks in a Float Tank Lucid Dream to a Rockin' Sound Track

Do we want to connect with each other or what?


This is a special place to bring us all together over musical visions, adventuresome explorations of consciousness, and the giddy excitement of novels of liquid heightened sensuality with swooning edgy, intimacy play.

I constructed the blog and forum for community building, so come build some amazing community architecture.

Or not, whatevs, bitches.

Guest Blogging and Forumizing


Do you dance to music around the house? Do you go to live music? Dance party!

Would love guests Blog posts and Forum interaction by bands and fans of Neo-Psych and various other types of music.

In Floating on Secrets, the characters listen to and play Neo-Psych Rock. Click on the Neo-Psych tag in my Blog to read about Shoe Gazing, Space Punk, Experimental, Funk, Avant-rock, primate-wild, heavy-throb, and intensely lyrical.

I'll eventually share avant-garde music/videos of The Ruby Fire Household Orchestra, which I was a member of. Imagine the sound track to the performance art in Encore , then make it laugh at itself.

The radio station brings excellent, unique songs by sweaty sexy young bands playing instruments with distortion, heavy bass and driving drum beats. Enjoy with the The Black Angels Pandora Channel of Neo-Psych. The song choices are customized to accompanies the Romantic Suspense novel, Floating on Secrets:


Have you ever been in a sensory deprivation tank? Did you have visions? Would like posts by floaters and float tank professionals.


Click on the Float tag in my Blog for posts such as reviews of types and locations, ways to save money at flotation tanks, how to enhance the benefits, and more.

Here's a documentary:


Do you like Gothic movies, TV shows, novels? Ghosts, egregores, psychic vampires, curses, synchronicity, brooding dramatically. Is there anything to them? Experiences to share? Do tell! Would be honored by posts and comments from teachers, students, experts, writers and gourmets of the Gothic form.


Do you know the required conventions arising from deeply relevant history? Look for the Gothic tag in the Blog for recommendations and delving into the meanings inherent in the genre.

Encore is a present-day Gothic novel set in a castle in England. Though it might be too rich with historical references for some Romance readers looking for an escapism, if you're intrigued by the theatrical use of shocking propaganda by famous occult intelligence agents, you surely must read it.

Gothic novels sometimes include a suspected supernatural element which often ended up being perfectly natural. Many books currently labeled as Gothic are not related to the genre, but are Paranormal Romance, for example, to garner easier sales in a small Amazon category.

The Goth subculture - such as dance clubs, art, fashion, and make-up is a different thing, but it can be related. Have you ever had a phase of participating in it? I have.

Gothic Pinterest Board:


Lucid Dreaming and Hypnagogia

If you are intrigued by float tanks, Neo-Psychedelic music, Gothic or sensual mysticism, you probably are a psychonaut, intrigued by what glories your subconscious has to offer. Lucid Dreaming involves realizing you are dreaming. Look for the tag in the Blog for posts about experiences, speculations, methods of improving your chances.

Hypnagogia is the liminal state between waking and sleeping when you begin to "dream," sometimes only for a split second, but it can be prolonged. Look for the tag in the Blog for posts about how to use it to your benefit, control , record, and enjoy it.

Welcome guest posts and forumating by lucid dreamers, people selling related products, and hypnagogianauts.

Here's a video of techniques by a man with a lovely Brit accent:

Humor, Play, Multimedia, Bizarre, Absurd, Whimsical

Why not? Don't let the characters have all the goofy fun. Show us yours. Bring it!

Tales of strange bondings in rather Gothic isolation. Two office workers attempt to make sense of being mysteriously held against their will alone together in an office. Two shy office mates bond when staying after work, bewildered by the ghostly burps in the room. Two eccentric strangers find themselves in a startling afterlife, alone together. (No, their beliefs don't reflect my own, stay calm.)

S*x -- Yeah You Heard Me

That's what I'm talkin' about. It's about time. Jeez.

Talk in the forum about dating, how to understand each other, spectacular romantic fantasy excursions, mystical sensual practices, what makes a sex scene erotic to you, best places you've made love in real life or in your mind, easy retention during orgasms, how to be contagion-free, being treated like you deserve, celibacy, romantic weddings, the edgy forbidden, the scientific differences between the sexes, the hot models on my novels, honesty, gorgeous actors in Romantic Suspense, and more.

Guest blog posts: of course, yes, please.

This Always This Again and Always This
Romantic Suspense

Romantic Suspense is a subcategory of Romance. And how about Suspense/Thriller/Mystery with Heavy Romance Elements? My other novels are like that. What makes Romance compelling, what can it say to or about significant others, what are the tends and the changes we'd like to see come about? What characters heat you up, what explorations of corruption important and relevant, what books, movies, and TV shows awesome?

I'd be excited by posts on serious real-world Suspense/Mystery/Thriller topics covered in my books (including my Psychological Suspense novels Glossolalia and Remember to Recycle) such as problems with some of the policies of intelligence agencies, government-sponsored blackmail, cults, mind control, appropriation of cultural legends for an agenda, propaganda, money laundering, license-fixing, censorship, surveillance, collusion, bribery, rogue policemen, human trafficking, etc.

The fun topics dramatized in Encore are fair game, too, just sayin'. Like the rarest of all gems, Moldavite. Castles, alchemy, British life, avant-garde performances, dance, hypnosis (hey, I was trained as a hypnotherapist), classic Gothic novels, wilderness survival, auras, circulating life force while making love, feral sex, alchemical elixers made in a castle.


YA and New Adult

What's new, fresh, exciting? Tell me anything. What you like. What do hate? What keeps you wondering about what life is all about.

Your favorite reviewers. Do you like to watch YouTube reviews? Some combine YA/NA/and Adult recommendations. What are your thoughts and feels? Got any interviews? Pet peeves? Cover art preferences? Lists? College crush anecdotes?

Floating on Secrets is New Adult Romance/Romantic Suspense. Appropriately, the Suspense elements in that book don't require the characters or readers to have time or interest to educate themselves fully about corruption in government, media, major corporations, foundations and such. They aren't focused on saving the world but resolving issues in their immediate situations, their parents, siblings, love interests, safety, internship, places of business, and entertainment. Still, corrupt individuals are wreaking havoc.


This book doesn't deal with the kind of controversial issues that my Adult books do, which makes it more universally accessible for a larger number of people to resonate with, whatever your age or beliefs. You'll need to be OK with edgy, though.

I might sporadically blog about some of favorite Young Adult and New Adult Romantic Suspense books, movies, TV shows. I can tell you right now, El Internado is everything.


Do you write? For yourself and friends or for publication? Got any craft tips? Marketing methods to share? Questions to ask? Authors, fill us in about good YouTube tutorials, changing conventions of the genres, your thoughts on the popular business model of ghostwriters that are dominating the market, Amazon changes, or whatever. Make friends with each other and room together at Cons, seminars, expos and such, right? Am I right? Carpool. Network onto each other's panels. Get to know each other on the forum. Beta read for each other, critique your asses off.

I'll be posting some suggestions in the Blog. But, considering that I write and research for my novels, teach classes, edit manuscripts, publish and market my own and other people's novels, as well as taking as much time as I can away from the computer, I might not post consistently.

I've taught writing for fourteen years, am a manuscript editor and writing coach. I have degrees in it, have won multiple awards, have been a magazine editor and guest editor, have published many authors. Publishers have released hundreds of my stories in magazines and anthologies, and they've also put out my chapbooks, collections, novellettes and novellas. As a publisher, I've gone on to put out my own work, with so far two of my Psychological Suspense novels available for purchase. One won a gold medal for Intrigue in the Readers' Favorite Awards, and the reception for them has been good. They aren't Romance per se but the characters' love relationships are core to the stories.

People study with me through UCLA Extension Writing Program,, or Tantra Bensko's Online Writing Academy (OWA). I teach a variety of classes. With OWA, I offer a broader range of services. I can work with you individually either formally or casually, addressing specific skills, for any length of time, and I can coaching you into the literary world. I work with poetry, short stories and long form in a variety of genres, including literary and can edit your manuscript, doing developmental and line edits.

I can speak at your event online and maybe in person.

Beta reading for me in exchange for looking into how I change the manuscript has been very useful for students and editing clients who have taken that task on so far.


Encore is one of my novels that includes auras, life force, energy. I feel that writing fiction about things that I know about can be a way of adding value to the world. In Floating on Secrets, there's a hint of the possibility of such a thing. I did years of double-blind scientific experiments with another aura viewer studying the interpersonal dynamics of the aura. I read and worked with auras, with many international testimonials. My life is so grounded in my practical literary business, I don't keep up the practice these days, though. Do you?

Would be thrilled by posts about your experiences with sensing auras.

Guidelines for Posters

  • Email me to inquire about writing guest blog posts

  • You will have full attribution and can include links

  • Images are good as long as they are truly offered up by the originator for your use

  • Not interested in PC shaming, obsessive polarizing, virtue signalling, or repeating whatever mass media pundits tell you to think and feel

  • Posts can be any length, can be a series, a column, can be re-purposed from a social media post but otherwise I prioritize exclusive posts, though the ideas can be from something you've published elsewhere

  • Self-promotion is fine and dandy, even if you are a competing novelist

  • Open any gender, age, location

  • Please proofread and I may suggest edits

  • Profanity is OK but please be sensitive to what search engines will pick up on my site (avoid words that will make the bots think this is crass or p*o*r*n)

  • Just because the type of music you want to write about isn't listed doesn't mean I'm not interested

  • Topics referenced in any of my Psychological Suspense novels are also options, such as intelligence agencies'/secret society's/sponsored cults' use of occult propaganda; MKULTRA's psychedelic mind control program; media theater to foster public support for coups and proxy wars; historic appropriation of legends for military agenda; historical esoteric spies; looking at the illusions perpetrated by social engineering

  • Videos are good -- you might link to your unlisted short movie on YouTube, for example

  • You can request I interview you, can send an interview with someone else, can self-interview

  • Reviews are good, of novels, movies, TV shows, albums, magazines, venues, flotation tank types and locations

  • Please share your posts widely on social media and encourage people to comment and join the forum

  • An interest in Psych Rock and floating for visions does not imply drug-taking and I don't personally promote artificial chemicals

  • Though this site originated with my Romance novels, I personally write/read/watch other genres more; this site is not limited to that or restricted to women -- men are highly encouraged to participate, and it can even be a good place to meet the ladies and learn what really turns them on

  • Source material for statements you make would be very helpful, such as scientific studies

  • This site is not affiliated with any political party, religion or teaching

  • Would love posts about shows like Twin Peaks: The Return and it doesn't matter if the shows, movies, bands, or books are current, and art also has a home here

  • In select cases, monetary reward may be offered for substantial exclusive pieces, but otherwise, consider that posting is useful for your networking, self-promotion or promotion of people, practices, narratives, and concepts you're passionate about, being part of Tantra Bensko's street team, relaying fascinating things that happened to you, discussing intriguing speculations (for example, how to create a ghost), getting questions answered, getting your essay edited for free by a professional, meeting kindred spirits in an adventuresome community, immersing yourselves in the world of Floating on Secrets, Encore, and other books to follow, having fun, perfecting your writing, building up a resume, SEO for your site you link to

(From the surreal video, Mirror Meeting directed by Paul C Wilm, starring Paul, Tantra Bensko and Tommy Bensko

about chasing one's abducted dream self)

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