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Book 3 of The Agents of the Nevermind series is standalone, though you can read the others to learn Nancy's previous story. However, those books are not Romance, though they contain love stories. Encore is Romantic Suspense as well as Psychological Suspense and Gothic Novel. For readers who enjoy single 1st Person POV and complexity beyond a relationship.


Movie, Author, Publisher James Morcan Reviews My Agents of the Nevermind Suspense Novel

"Tantra is obviously very well-researched. Virtually all of the subjects covered are Wikileaks-style truths such as Western nations controlling vulnerable Third World nations, the CIA and other intelligence agencies purposefully creating multiple personalities in some agents, illegal sex rings of the Elite, etc, etc. The reality-based story not only makes it all the more powerful, but it also means the reader is educated along the way…not in a laborious manner or dry fashion, but this book simply teaches you little known and shocking facts in an organic fashion as you experience the intense story."

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Floating on Secrets won silver medal in Romance at ELit and 4th place in New Adult at Reader's Favorite. Encore, the other Romantic Suspense book, was listed as one of the year's best dozen Thrillers by and won gold at Glossolalia won gold medal in Intrigue from Readers' Favorite. Various other awards, but that'll do.


Fiction Writing Courses and Editing

I teach fiction writing workshops online regularly through UCLA Extension Writing Program,, and Tantra Bensko's Online Writing Academy (OWA). I also edit manuscripts at 60.00 an hour and do custom coaching. NEXT UPCOMING COURSES include Intermediate Short Story Writing with UCLA Extension Writing Program and Micro-obstacles VS Flow with



I post the songs on Facebook and this page, but later, more professional recordings will go on Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. If you like the music, please share. My plan is to create music that could be played by the band Floating on Secrets that's in the novel, and also the one in Buried in Lies. So, I'll have an imaginary band of neo-psych rock.

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