• Tantra Bensko

Hilarious Adolescent Cartoon about Romance Novels -- Big Mouth Episode 5

Head over to Netflix for this animated story of sexual awakening/married romance rekindling and set your mouth to laugh out loud. OK, maybe I should explain myself: for all y'all who don't have southern roots, you commonly say, "Set your mouth for some down home fried okry and cream corn."

You don't need to see the first four episodes to grasp Episode 5, "Girls Are Horny Too," though you might want to after you see this one, whatever your age. The episode aired Sept 29, 2017, but hey, we're no slaves to current, right? If you're cool with crass, let me introduce you to--

Now, I really want a girl-talking vagina who is in fact Kristen Merkin -- er, Wiig.

Yes, she is indeed the voice actress playing this little girl's winking sweet spot.

Romance readers often put themselves in the characters of the protagonist swept off her/his feet. Reading Romance in bed next to a husband watching TV and complaining leads to intrusion in the fantasy.

My favorite funny social commentary on a common knee-jerk manipulative put-down of our times: when the girl wanted to buy a red bra, her mother gently tried to dissuade her. The girl accused her of slut shaming, and BEING THE PATRIARCHY. Of course, the mother had to immediately relent after that.

This episode is educational for boys who are learning about girl's sexuality, for girls who finally see their needs portrayed, and for people who don't yet know where the opening to the urethra and the clitoris are located. Clitoracy. By the way, did you know the clit nearly doubles in size when aroused? Dig it.

And it also helps boys and men understand how the stereotypical female desire is based on the story of meeting someone, the giddy idealization and aching longing, long-term fantasizing about wanting to be together, the first kiss. Wanting to be respected as empowered when she celebrates her appearance, particularly to attract one guy she likes, while not simultaneously creating the idea that any guy can have his way with her.

The show also demonstrates how if boys and men make an effort to understand the Romance books their love interests are into, that goes a long way toward a delightful little sompthin' sompthin'.

But, we know all those things, already. The thing is, the show will make you laugh out loud. S'all ya need, raght thare.

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