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Mind Over Matter by Nora Roberts Treats Psychic Gifts with Respect

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading Nora Robert's Romance novel, Mind Over Matter. These days, anytime we see a novel about something psychic happening, it's targeted for a Paranormal category so this would be a Paranormal Romance, trying to compete with much more flashy fetish-material in Amazon, and probably too realistic, nuanced, and low-key for today's fans of that genre.

But those qualities are what made me appreciate the respect with which Roberts treated the subject matter. She admits that humans do have that capacity and while many people are simply using trickery to seem like they are psychic for financial gain, some people are the real deal. She's done her research into that world and the world of the media; the characters don't come across as stereotypes but as rounded people (as much as can be expected for a short novel with lots of time devoted to their attraction.)

The relationships are rich and complicated, the events surprising, the love scenes rapturous and profound, like symphonies. I recommend this for anyone looking for something that explores consciousness and possibilities and more substance than the pared down simple relationship between two people.

"Protecting her mother's interests pitted no-nonsense Aurora Fields against a very determined David Brady. But there were few David couldn't charm if he set his mind to it -- and this time it really mattered.

"Aurora Fields protected her clients like a mother tigress—especially when one was her own mother! So it was going to take a lot more than charm to get her on side with David Brady's plans. Aurora could see he was a smooth operator, used to getting what he wanted, and she was usually immune. What was it about him that left her uncomfortably vulnerable? As for David, he'd always considered himself a good judge of people. So why did each moment with Aurora leave his head and heart reeling? She was an enigma, and he was determined to find the key."

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