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Stick to One Genre, They Say? HA!

Updated: May 28, 2018

Not I, said the little red Tantra.

This site is for my Romance-tinged Suspense fiction and that is a new direction for me. I call it Seductive Psychological Suspense. Encore is old-school Gothic Romance, so it's Single First Person POV, but Floating on Secrets is organized like a Romance, with Dual Third Person POV. Both begin with the first sexually charged interaction, follow the problems that keep them apart during their growing love, and end with commitment of some kind.

“Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

Papa used to smugly quote Ralph Waldo Emerson often whenever Mama or I called him out on hypocrisy or changing his mind drastically and unexpectedly.

I've Lived All the Worlds

I don't write only for myself but to market, and I follow the trends of what people are reading. I had nearly 100 poems published in magazines and anthologies. I switched to Literary Fiction, then Interstitial, then switched to Genre, and combined had over 200 stories published in magazines and anthologies. I've had work published in a long list of genres, Psychological Suspense being the main one for my novel series in progress. I won awards in all the types of writing. I've often written love stories and now, I'm expanding to Romance novels.

I write a variety partly because I edit people's manuscript, coach authors, and teach fiction writing classes regularly. It's to know all that's involved from the inside out of whatever genre the authors write that I work with.

I don't see other editors and instructors doing this much. I think it shows honest integrity when those who write only one genre specialize by accepting students and clients in that genre only. Personally, if I'm not an ideal match for a potential editing client's sub-genre, I don't accept the job.

I recommend being flexible, not just writing what you love but what people in the marketplace are clamoring for if you treat books as a business. The amazing thing is, every time I decided to write to a different audience, I became like that audience, like those writers, and it changed me. It gave me a different live. A different world to inhabit.

I have ALWAYS loved the idea of the option of multiple worlds. Don't you?

When I shift to a new style of writing, I deliberately change my taste in what I enjoy. Soon, it really is my preference for what I pick up for fun. I'm amazed by how malleable a human can be, and how immensely rewarding it is.

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