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Story about Girls who Like to Think They're in a Secret Society

My newest Romance book, Pinhole: Spying on the Neighbor, veers off from the others to explore affection and obsession among young teen girls. Clean short story about innocently mischievous young teen girls curious about a quirky gal who doesn't try to fit in.

"The other girls and I liked to sneak over and take photos of Wren, the girl who lived at the end of the road at the top of the hill, using our leader's pinhole camera. Anything involving Wren got our group of girls speculating. Some girls weren't even neighbors but spent the night with us to get a chance to stalk her. The photo shoots became legendary. Missing out on one of those could mean exclusion from the deepest levels of our secret society. Terry knew private things about Wren and would release the info to us whenever we passed initiations in the game.

Terry's big idea was this: "Hey, I know. Let's sneak something into Wren's overnight and put it someplace in her yard that she likes to go to a lot." I wished I'd thought of that. But I thought of everything else. Like putting the statue of a swan in her yard. Temporarily of course. And taking a photo of Wren and the swan with the pinhole camera. That would make beautiful art. Really, really beautiful. Magical. But what if Wren caught us taking the picture? Would she shoot us with death ray hands?"

7500 words. This realistic, quirky Coming of Age tale is meant for YA Romance or adult Literary readers, as long as you don't judge girl crushes.

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